Dr. Bhavna Mishra

Homeopathic Physician

Dr. Bhavna is BMY’s DHA licensed Homeopathic Physician. With over 16 years of clinical experience, Bhavna has a profound understanding of classical homeopathy, honed a rich clinical career treating diverse physical ailments, mental health concerns, and chronic conditions ranging from respiratory to digestive to autoimmune, among others.


Dr. Bhavna’s fascination with the body’s innate potential for wellness began early in life. She grasped the crucial connection between the gradual deterioration in healthy bodily function and the exposure to chronic life stressors and unhealthy lifestyle. Just as a plant that is well nourished naturally grows into a healthy and vibrant plant, a plant that is neglected and exposed to toxic (“stressful”) elements will wilt and pale. This natural principle of thriving or falling out of balance inspired Bhavna towards the holistic approach of Homeopathy, which focuses on utilizing natural remedies to internal health systems, fostering harmony and resilience.  


Dr. Bhavna’s belief in homeopathy originated from witnessing its benefits firsthand as an alternative treatment for her mother. When her mother battled ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, she turned to homeopathy for help and Bhavna observed her mother’s remarkable recovery from persistent pain after just five doses. Witnessing the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating her loved ones from such a young age ignited Dr. Bhavna’s passion to shed light on this underappreciated form of alternative medicine.


Dr. Bhavna passionately pursued her degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery and soon started developing her skills as an intern at Irla Hospital in Mumbai. Throughout her career, she nurtured a curiosity for refining treatments using non-invasive methods. She recognized that, for many people, invasive procedures and assessments could be challenging. So, when she discovered Biofeedback, she embraced it as a transformative tool and completed her training as a Biofeedback therapist in 2016. Since then, she integrated this modality into her practice, enriching her ability to support her patients in achieving their wellness objectives.


With a blend of intuition and scientific insight into holistic wellness, Bhavna was excited to learn about BMY’s philosophy and swiftly joined driven by a shared mission to provide holistic naturalistic healthcare.

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With the potency of energetic intention, and so begins the impulse towards harmony.


Certifications & Trainings
  • Certified Biofeedback Therapist, 2016, Quantum World Vision
  • Integrated Approach with TCAM Towards Chronic Ailment, TCAM Conference, Dubai, UAE
  • Traditional Complementary Alternative & Evidence Based Medicines, TCAM Conference, Dubai, UAE
  • Workshop on Homeopathy and Metabolic Syndrome, Dubai, UAE
  • Scope of Homeopathy in Dermatology, International Homeopathy Conference, Dubai, UAE
License & Education
  • Licensed Homeopathy Practitioner, Traditional & Complementary Medicine, T&CM 00202545, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai (Active)
  • Licensed Homeopath, Title: Homeopathic Doctor, Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy, India
  • BHMS, Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, University of Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Eat smart, move more, sleep right, and breathe deep.

Dr. Bhavna Mishra
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